Arthritis Australia & Aids for Daily Living

The partnership between Arthritis Australia and Aids for Daily Living means that for every purchase made via Arthritis NSW – as an affiliate of Arthritis Australia – a percentage of sales is donated back to Arthritis Australia to assist in the long term achievement of its vision: “To bring quality of life to all people with arthritis and eliminate their suffering.”

Only Aids for Daily Living carries the Official Mark of Arthritis Australia:
> Specially featured products carry the mark
> All products independently tested by a panel of experts
> Backed by Aids for Daily Living 90-day money back guarantee


About Aids for Daily Living

Aids for Daily Living is an Australian owned and managed company dedicated to finding solutions that support those with physical limitations and help them maintain their independence, making day-to-day life easier.

For people with arthritis, Aids for Daily Living supply products to:
> Help ease pain – a range of various creams, strap supports and braces, and
> Increase productivity – aids designed for daily tasks which have been restricted by arthritis.

Daily Living Aids

Aids for Daily Living is an online resource for daily living products. Assistive Technology is any device, system or design that has been modified or customised, allowing individuals to perform a task that they would otherwise be enable to do, or increase the ease and safety with which a task can be performed.

The range of products offered by Aids for Daily Living have been designed to increase the user’s independence in categories such as:
> Bathroom Aids – products to assist you in bathing and showering safety, providing support, security and independence
> Kitchen Aids – products to assist you cooking, baking and moving around the kitchen safely
> Gardening Aids – products to assist you with gardening and limit strenuous bending, stretching and uncomfortable kneeling.

The Aids for Daily Living online offering also includes a range of comfortable clothing and shoes, with garments designed to provide a simpler process to get dressed, for individuals and their caregivers.