Exercise Physiology


What is Exercise Physiology (EP)?

Accredited exercise physiologists specialise in clinical exercise interventions for people with a broad range of health issues, including arthritis. Those people may be at risk of developing, or have existing, medical conditions and injuries. Your EP is there to help you prevent and manage acute or chronic disease and get you back on track to living a functional healthy live.

How can it help me?

• Improved ability with activities of daily living
• Improved strength, endurance and flexibility
• Improved coordination, balance and posture
• Improved cardiovascular health
• Build and refine your muscle mass
• Healthier bones
• Support healthy joint function
• Manage your weight

Our services

Our Exercise Physiologist will work with you to tailor an exercise program to build your strength and help you stay fit, active and mobile for you to continue to do the things you enjoy.

Their service will also include:

  • Assessment of health history, and monitoring of health progress during and after treatment)
  • Advice and supervision of exercises
  • Support and guidance with behaviour change, (e.g. reducing barriers and goal setting)
  • Reporting (as required)

As the world adjusts to the ‘new normal’, we like other healthcare providers are turning to technology. Now anyone in NSW, whether it’s those living in rural or regional areas, a city or country town, can get a telehealth consultation. All that’s needed is a telephone or a computer with internet access. We know nothing beats being able to connect face-to-face, however telehealth is the next best thing, is easy to access and ensures that you are still able to receive assistance when you need it.

  • Telehealth – Initial – $95/hr
  • Telehealth – Follow-up – $80/hr
  • NDIS – Initial Appointment – $166.99/hr
  • NDIS – Extended Appointment – $166.99/hr
  • Private – Initial Appointment – $120/hr
  • Private – 45min Consult – $95

During your first consultation with our Exercise Physiologist, you can discuss your requirements and together determine the frequency and duration of your engagement with the service.  

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