Occupational Therapy

What is Occupational Therapy (OT)?

An OT is an allied health clinician who focuses on what a person wants to do, needs to do or has to do.

‘Occupations’ are any activities that a person does for example:

  • sleeping
  • showering
  • toileting
  • driving
  • working
  • cooking
  • gardening
  • managing finances
  • looking after dependents
  • cleaning
  • leisure activities

Chronic physical and mental health conditions as well as disability, can make participation and performance in occupations very difficult. An OT will help you to break down the barriers by problem solving with you.

How can it help me?
  • Increase engagement in daily activities
  • Learn how to simplify and adapt tasks
  • Develop joint protection strategies
  • Enhance energy conservation strategies and manage fatigue
  • Environment and home modifications to support independence and safety
  • Improve coping mechanisms for managing symptoms of arthritis
Our services

Our OT will work with you to help you overcome barriers that impact your daily living – they can help improve function, modify your home and recommend assisting technology to make your life easier.

Their service will also include:

  • Assessment of your capability to function in your daily life
  • Advice on modifying your home equipment and environment
  • Education on managing pain, sleep, joint protection and hand function

As the world adjusts to the ‘new normal’, we like other healthcare providers are turning to technology. All that’s needed is a telephone or a computer with internet access. We know nothing beats being able to connect face-to-face, however telehealth is the next best thing, is easy to access and ensures that you are still able to receive assistance when you need it.

What Occupational Therapy can be implemented via Telehealth

  • Education on disease management
  • Problem solving strategies
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Recommendations for low risk/low-cost assistive technology
  • Sleep hygiene
  • Basic upper limb therapy
  • Providing resources and evidence-based guidelines

What we can offer when lockdown restrictions no longer apply

  • Standardised assessments
  • Mobility assessments
  • Home environment assessments
  • Home modifications
  • Medium to high-risk equipment (such as braces, wheelchairs)
  • Upper limb therapy

  • Telehealth – Initial – $95/hr
  • Telehealth – Follow-up – $80/hr
  • NDIS – Initial Appointment – $193.99/hr
  • NDIS – Extended Appointment- $193.99/hr
  • Private – Initial Appointment – $120/hr
  • Private – 45min Consult – $95

During your first consultation with our Occupational Therapist, you can discuss your requirements and together determine the frequency and duration of your engagement with the service.  

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