Best & Worst Packaging 2019

Each year Arthritis Australia runs a campaign to determine the best and worst packaging as voted by people living with arthritis. According to their research, 44 per cent of consumers struggle with packaging every day, negatively impacting their emotional wellbeing and sense of independence. Hard-to-open packaging can also increase the risk of injury to consumers and 92 per cent of consumers report damaging or spilling a product when trying to open it.

Here are the results of your votes for the best and worst packaging for 2019.

The Worst

1.The ‘plastic screw cap with tamper-evident band’, found on Mount Franklin water bottles.

The small cap size and high forces required to break the seal make this cap difficult to open. Additionally, the texture of the cap digs into the hand, making it painful and hard to grip.

The Best

The Best category included two winners:

2. The ‘stick pack with perforated/tear away tab’ found on the Gaviscon double action sachet. These sachets have a perforated line to assist in tearing, allowing minimal force and a clean tear tearing in the correct direction). The texture of the end seals allows for more grip of the packaging. The contrast of the labelling of the word tear, the dotted line and the arrow allow the consumer to easily see and understand the opening directions.


3. The Injection moulded screw cap with a living hinge, found on Colgate toothpaste.
The living hinge requires minimal force to open and the overhanging tab is large enough to push against to open.

Look out for the 2020 survey later this year.


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