Camp Twinkletoes 2022

About Camp Twinkletoes

For a family with a newly diagnosed child, the future is uncertain. Camp Twinkletoes supports families to adapt to this uncertainty and build the mental strength to care for their children in the most positive way possible.

Camp Twinkletoes is an annual event designed to help families caring for young children under the age of 8 years with juvenile arthritis.

Camp Twinkletoes 2022

We are so happy to be back and holding Camp Twinkletoes face-to-face. There is not doubt we have all been challenged by the last two years and whether your child is newly diagnosed or you’ve been managing your little ones condition for some time now, this is a great opportunity to connect with other families going through a similar journey of living with JIA. Not only will you, as a parent receive useful information to support you in managing your child’s condition, your little one will also get to meet other children with the condition and enjoy a day of play and fun interactions.

Details of the camp and the education program are as follows:

Date: 10.00am – 4.30pm Saturday 30 April 2022
The Collaroy Centre – 22 Homestead Avenue, Collaroy NSW 2097

  • Adult: $36
  • Child (0-2): Free*
  • Child (3-4): $11#
  • Child (5-12): $147~
  • Child (13+): $152~

Please note:
* For adults to get the most out of the education sessions, we encourage young children (aged 0-2) to stay with family support. If no one is available, children will need to sit with you.
# Children aged 3 – 4 will be taken care of with videos and craft activities in a safe, quiet room near the education room. Parents may be required for occasional support.
~The price of children aged 5 – 17 includes the registration fee plus the cost of four activities run throughout the day, by the venue.

Scholarship: Arthritis NSW wishes to ensure parents with a child with JIA in NSW, have an equal opportunity to participate in our camps. So, if the cost of camp is a current barrier to your participation, please select ‘Scholarship’ as the payment type and we will contact you to discuss the possibility of a supported scholarship.

  • Rheumatologist, Anne Senner
    • Anne will discuss JIA (Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis) condition information, medication and/or research updates
  • JAFA (Juvenile Arthritis Foundation Australia)
    • JAFA will present on who and what they do, what they have done, advocacy, general updates on research, funding, and policy on the world of JIA and future forecasting.
  • Qualia Occupational Therapy
    • This session will provide pragmatic strategies to help your child manage mood (upset/mood, anxiety, stress) and pain experiences. It will also cover how to help build resilience in your child and provide time for Q & A.
  • School Learning Support Officer, Noni Medcalf
    • This session will focus on schooling transitions for child with chronic illness, individual health plans for schools, ways teachers will support children and a Q & A.
  • Social worker and Youth Counsellor, Kelly Mitchell
    • Kelly will provide information on:
      • Potential acute and long term impact of child chronic illness on the child and the family unit
      • Ways to cope and the importance of self-care for the child, siblings, and the parents, healthy distraction/s, family fun nights, alone time/activities, feeling and being connected to community, seeing family friends, asking for help of family and friends is ok (it’s not a weakness or burden) etc, seeking professional help
      • Signs of mental illness in child; most common comorbid mental illness in children with chronic illness is depression and anxiety, but also sleep problems, and in some cases, PTSD from hospital visits and medication administration.