Camp Footloose Guidelines

To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all campers we have included a behavioural contract for both you and your child to sign. It is an assumption that by signing this form your child will adhere to the following guidelines. Applications will not be accepted without this signed form by both child and parent/guardian.


  1. Campers must follow and adhere to the directions and requests of all staff members
  2. No camper is to leave the campsite without a leader.
  3. No alcohol or smoking is allowed on camp-site for any camp members.
  4. No bullying or threatening behaviour will be tolerated from any camp members. Everyone’s needs and individuality must be respected.
  5. Personal property of other camp members, volunteers, leaders and the camp environment must be respected.
  6. All rooms are to be kept tidy.
  7. During any free time, all campers must stay within designated areas as outlined by camp staff.
  8. No male and female campers are allowed together in a bedroom/cabin without a leader present.
  9. No camper is to enter another camper’s room without permission from that room’s leader.
  10. Campers are to be present at all mealtimes and activities, unless given permission from a leader or parent who has advised the camp coordinator to exclude the child.
  11. Shoes are to be always worn at all times out of doors and in the dining room.
  12. Sunscreen and a hat are to be worn when outside during daylight hours.
  13. No camper is allowed personal penknives or other dangerous implements.
  14. Mobile phones are not to be taken to sessions (child may request the use of the phone if they need to make an urgent phone call). Mobile phones can be handed to group leaders for safekeeping.
  15. Campers are discouraged from bringing iPods and other expensive equipment to camp. If they choose to do so, these items are the sole responsibility of the camper.


  1. Verbal warning.
  2. Meeting with leader, camper, and camp coordinator; time out/miss out on one activity.
  3. Phone parents – leader or camp coordinator informs camper’s parents that the camper has one last chance before they will be asked to come and collect them from the camp site.
  4. The child is sent home. Arthritis NSW staff will contact the child’s parents and ask them to make arrangements, to collect their child from the campsite immediately.

We do not anticipate any problems if the above guidelines are followed so that everyone has an enjoyable time.