Camp Footloose

Camp Footloose provides a valuable opportunity for children and young people with arthritis (aged 9 to 18 years) to have fun, meet others like them and share experiences in a supportive environment. It also helps them gain a sense of control over arthritis and their lives.

About the camp

Dedicated team leaders and staff attend camp and guide participants through a range of exciting activities such as abseiling, flying fox, rock climbing, challenge ropes course and archery. Fun education sessions will be facilitated by fully qualified health professionals and we will also have nursing staff available 24/7 to assist with medications and other medical matters that may arise.

Testimonials from Camp Footloose

From the parents:

“Thank you for everything you and your team have done…She said it was the best week of her life and has come home with more confidence, a new-found sense of independence, and wonderful memories with her new friends.” 

“The leaders are so enthusiastic and kind. I feel that I am leaving my daughter in excellent hands. Very well organised. Many thanks!”

From the children:

“Thank you for holding a great camp. I met heaps of great people and had an amazing time.”

“I learnt that it’s ok to tell people you’re in pain and you need assistance.”

Camp Information

We are pleased to open applications for Camp Footloose 2023. To ensure that your application can be accepted, please read the below information carefully and upload all required items listed below.

Venue: Coffs Coast Adventure Centre (CCAC), 226 Bonville Station Road, Bonville NSW 2450
Arrival: Drop off at 1.00pm Tuesday, 11 April 2023 | Coffs Coast Adventure Centre (CCAC)
Departure: Pick up at 11.00am Saturday, 15 April 2023 | Coffs Coast Adventure Centre (CCAC)
Cost: Arthritis NSW wishes to ensure that all children with JIA in NSW and for those from out of state, have an equal opportunity to participate in our camp. We are pleased to be able to offer, at a substantial low cost, this special ‘one off’ price of $100.00.
We can also discuss alternate arrangements should finances be a current challenge. Please contact us if you need to discuss the cost further on 02 9857 3300 or
Due Date: All registrations and payment must be finalised by 5.00pm Monday, 27 March 2023.

Please note: submitting an application form does not guarantee your attendance at camp. As there are a limited number of places available, applications will be considered and selected based on the fit between needs of families and the program. Camp fees need to be paid in full before registrations will be confirmed.

Transport: To assist the families in Queensland to attend this Northern NSW Camp Footloose program. Arthritis NSW will be chartering a private bus company, as an alternative, to transport your child to the Coffs Coast Adventure Centre (CCAC). Departing from the Brisbane Domestic Terminal and stopping for pick up at Tweeds Head BP Service Station NSW 2485 then proceeding to CCAC. Returning your child to the same location at the end of camp. The check in process must be completed with the bus coordinator before your child can board the bus.

Please note: For those families choosing to drop off their child directly to camp and pick up their child at the end of camp from CCAC, an Arthritis NSW staff will be onsite to meet you, to complete the check in and check out process.

Travel Subsidies: For families traveling significant distances and/or from outside of NSW, Arthritis NSW is able to reimburse families the cost (economy) for flights to Sydney or Brisbane for 1 child (independent travel) and 1 adult. Return flights to the value of ~ $600 (Child only) to ~ $1200 (child and parent) can be arranged for families outside of NSW (eg. from Hobart, Melbourne, Northern Territory etc). An Arthritis NSW staff will be in attendance to meet your child’s flight and transfer your child from the airport to connect with the bus to be transported to the camp venue.

Please note Parents will be responsible for their own accommodation during the week of camp and at their own cost. If a child is able to travel unaccompanied on flights. It is at your discretion as to whether you feel this is appropriate for your child.


Immediate Requirements:

  • If you child requires medication to be administered during camp, Medication charts need to be downloaded, printed and filled out by a GP then scanned and attached as part of the application
  • Current passport quality photos of your child for uploading during the application

Other Requirements:

  1. All medications (including as needed medications) are to be brought in a Webster Pack to camp.
    Medication not packed will not be accepted (excluding liquid)
    *No injectables will be administered on camp – if your child requires an injection, they should be scheduled prior to or after the dates of camp.