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Newcombe Kritsimas Partners

Andrew Newcombe and John Kritsimas’ business makes regular donations to Arthritis NSW because their children each have been diagnosed with juvenile arthritis (JIA).

Andrew’s eldest daughter was diagnosed about 12 years ago and is under the care of paediatric rheumatologist Dr Jeffery Chaitow. ‘The diagnosis came with heartache but also relief that we knew what was causing her issues,’ Andrew said.

Dr Chaitow encouraged Andrew to send his daughter to Camp Footloose, ANSW’s kids’ only camp for 9–18 year olds. ‘At Camp Footloose she received support and encouragement to deal with her condition and met new friends who were experiencing the same issues. She is now a 20-year-old woman and pushes herself to be the best she can be – a trait she learned at Camp Footloose.’

By coincidence, Dr Chaitow was the paediatrician of John’s newborn son who, at a young age, was diagnosed as having JIA as well. Andrew encouraged John to attend Camp Twinkletoes, ANSW’s camp for families of children aged up to 8-years-old with JIA. The Kritsimas family attended in 2018 and found it very valuable.

‘We request that our donations go to the children’s camps. We hope that through our donations and the kindness of other donors that this essential service continues for many years,’ said Andrew.

‘We also write to our clients at Christmas and tell them that in lieu of Christmas cards, we are donating to Arthritis NSW. Many of our long-term clients have followed the progress of our children and are deeply encouraged by this. We hope that by sharing our stories that we can make more people aware of a largely unknown and unspoken condition that impacts many children.’

Thanks to both Andrew and John for their ongoing support for children with JIA. 

Like Andrew & John, if you would like to like to support Arthritis NSW through a business or individually, contact us on 02 9857 3300 or email: or please donate here. 

John Churchill


donation story
John Churchill with his prized 1922 Dodge

John donates to ANSW in memory of his wife Noreen who died five years ago, and lived with arthritis for 20 years.

‘Noreen didn’t complain so I didn’t know of all of the pain. Her fingers were buckled and she used to have pain in her elbows,’ John said. ‘She had both knees replaced due to arthritis and used to say that she could get around a bit better after that.’

John and Noreen had two children, five grandchildren and four great grandchildren, raising their family in a two-storey house in Warilla he built in 1959. John still lives there and his grandson lives next door.

His links to Arthritis NSW go back to 1999 when Noreen started going to the warm water classes at the Port Kembla Hospital after her knee replacement. ‘In 2006 they needed a co-ordinator and I had to join Arthritis NSW to be able to do the job. Then I was asked to be treasurer of the Warilla/Shellharbour Branch 2010 and still am.’

John developed osteoarthritis in his spine 30 years ago. ‘I only take Panamax and if my knees get really bad I rub horse liniment into them, which helps a lot.’

John also owns a 1922 Dodge which he’s driven to Dalby and Perth and even on set for the remake of The Great Gatsby. ‘Scouts spotted the Dodge at a display day at Eastern Creek in 2012 and asked if I was interested in driving it in the movie. I said yes and four weeks later I was being fitted for wardrobe. I spent 11 days filming inside the old power station in Balmain. It was a great experience.’

A big thank you to John for his ongoing support.

Like John, if you would like to support Arthritis NSW, please donate here.


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