Empowering You Series

The Empowering You Series is a series of recorded presentations aimed at empowering you with the knowledge to make better, informed decisions about your health, specifically in the context of arthritis. The Empowering You content will be as relevant and reliable as possible, evidence-based and practical to ensure only the right kind of information is passed on.


Arthritis & Sleep Disturbances

In the next episode of the series, Kat delves into sleep disturbances.

  • What is normal?
  • Sleep changes as we age
  • Relationship between sleep and arthritis
  • Sleep & arthritis pain tips

Explaining your diagnosis as a young person

Finding out you have arthritis when you are young can be confusing and frightening, more so when people don’t understand your condition. It can be incredibly invalidating and disempowering when you tell some you have, for example, psoriatic arthritis and they don’t understand the severity of it or think it’s an “old” persons condition and laugh it off, or because they cannot “see” it, they don’t think much of it. This Empowering You episode provides insight on these misconceptions and tips on how to explain your diagnosis to people who don’t know or can’t understand your autoimmune condition.


Reframe your pain
In this Empowering You episode, our Health Educator Kat Keane talks about the role of pain, types of pain and how to reframe how you think about pain. Finally, she talks about management strategies for chronic pain sufferers.



How to Help Your Loved One in Pain

This episode of Empowering You is for the person who is caring for someone in pain. You could be a partner, parent, carer, sibling, guardian or even a teacher of a child.  If you are the person in pain – share it with your loved one!

It is the second part to Dealing with Your Diagnosis below.


Dealing with your Diagnosis

This Empowering You episode focuses on a younger population (20-50 years) with rheumatic autoimmune conditions and discusses ways in which to deal with a new diagnosis and disease progression. Three themes are addressed in detail; grief, normalising and validating and tips to deal with your diagnosis  for family, friends and partners to effectively help and support a loved one with a rheumatic autoimmune condition.


Identifying Fake Science

This episode aims to empower you to be able to identify fake science so that you can make more informed decisions about products, treatments and management options for your condition.


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