Exercise for Osteoporosis

This Exercise of the Month targets individuals living with Osteoporosis. Even though these exercises are tailored towards addressing that condition, they can still be performed by anyone and are equally as beneficial to those living with arthritis.

Osteoporosis leads to more fragile, and brittle bones due to low bone mass density, where when coupled with a fall will more likely result in a fracture.

Regular physical activity is a way we can address the issue of low bone mass. Regular physical activity provides a multitude of health benefits not only to our muscles, and cardiovascular system, but also our bones. But in order to achieve this, one particular way of exercising has found to be the most effective: resistance and weight bearing training.

This type of training exposes muscles to a load or resistance in order for it to grow in size and strength. With this growth in muscles there is also a seen benefit in bone structure, increased bone density and improved fracture resistance.

To see these benefits, aim to perform resistance training exercises 2-3 days per week for at least 30 minutes.

The video below shows examples of bone stimulating resistance training exercises as well as balance to help you on your way to healthier stronger bones.

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DISCLAIMER: Seek medical or allied health professional advice prior to initiating an exercise program. The exercises listed here are examples, and you should always seek medical advice before performing. Ensure that there is someone at home supervising you while performing these exercises.