What are the community education programs

For people living with a chronic health condition such as arthritis, the health system can seem impersonal and impractical. An inhibiting factor to patients feeling involved in their own health care is the prevailing medical model that sees the patient as a passive recipient of treatment and advice. The clinical nature of medical care doesn’t take sufficient account of how people live their lives or how they’d like to. The focus is on managing disease, not promoting well-being. Community-based education programs play an important role in promoting the effective self-management of chronic health conditions such as arthritis.

How can it help me

When delivered by a trusted organisation such as Arthritis NSW, there are multiple benefits for participants:

  • a better understanding of their disease – the causes and affects
  • knowledge about self-managements strategies
  • skills and tips on how to implement self-management strategies
  • opportunities for peer education and support
  • ability to connect with the health-trained facilitator for further referral
  • evidence-based and consumer friendly information resources for ongoing reference
  • confidence and motivation to initiate beneficial lifestyle change.
Our Free Monthly Webinars

Webinars are a fantastic way to learn ways to improve your health in the comfort of your home or office. Our webinar series deliver information about healthy lifestyles, diet, exercise, pain management and other key issues related to living with arthritis and osteoporosis. What is also great is that you can ask questions of the expert live.


Exercise, Physical Activity & Arthritis (Updated)

Exercise, Physical Activity & Arthritis provides an understanding of the significant role exercise plays in managing arthritis. This presentation offers insight into the different types of exercise that can benefit people living with arthritis and recommendations and guidance on who to see and how to get started.

10.30am, Monday 14 February
7.30pm, Tuesday 22 February
12.30pm, Thursday 24 February


Nutrition & Arthritis (Updated)

Nutrition & Arthritis provides an understanding of the contribution nutrition can play in managing arthritis effectively. This encompasses discussion on the five food groups and portion considerations, the importance of weight management for arthritic management and practical tips for healthy eating.

10.30am, Monday 14 March
7.30pm, Tuesday 22 March
12.30pm, Wednesday 30 March


Pain Management & Arthritis (Updated)

Pain Management & Arthritis provides an understanding of how different pain-management strategies can help with the pain associated with arthritis. This involves explaining the mechanisms of pain and how it is experienced with arthritis. It also educates the participant on the various pain management strategies (both pharmacological and non-pharmacological) that can be used to help live with pain.

1030am, Monday 11 April
7.30pm, Tuesday 12 April
12.30pm, Thursday 28 April

February - Exercise, Physical Activity & Arthritis
March - Nutrition & Arthritis
April - Pain Management & Arthritis
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In the meantime, please visit our Empowering You video series – a series of recorded presentations aimed at empowering you with the knowledge to make better, informed decisions about your health, specifically in the context of arthritis.