‘Best of Both Worlds’ Program

In 2021, ANSW will be trialling its first ‘Best of Both Worlds’ warm water exercise and land-based program in Sydney’s south.

This program is the first run by Arthritis NSW which combines the benefits from warm water exercise and land-based strengthening.

Benefits of warm water:

  • 32-34 degree temperatures provide a natural pain-relieving affect
  • The buoyancy of the water environment takes pressure of loaded arthritic joints
  • The combination of the above allows many to increase their exercise tolerance and increase their general fitness and health.

Benefits of land-based exercise:

  • Strength training has been shown to reduce potential arthritic pain due to the increase in strength of the muscles surrounding the arthritic joints
  • Helps to maintain good joint function/ flexibility and range of motion
  • Improves muscle strength and reduced falls.

This program has been made possible through collaboration and partnership with a company called HealthStin (https://www.healthstin.com.au/).

Program details

The program is run at Angelo Anestis Aquatic Centre in Bexley North (98C Preddys Rd, Bexley North NSW 2207)

Classes are run in 10 week terms.

Tuesday: 10:30am land-based gym session
Thursday: 8:00am warm water pool session
9 vacancies as at 16.6.21

Note: both programs need to be attended per week

$24.00 per week ($12 per class)
*Programs are paid on a term-based (10 week) nature*

Please download this Medical Clearance Form and have this completed by your GP. This is to ensure that the program is safe and suitable for you to participate in.

If this sound like something you would like to participate in, please send an email to gentleexercise@arthritisnsw.org.au or contact the office on (02) 9857 3300.