Exercise Class Registration Forms

Loosen Up

Several studies have found people suffering from arthritis had improvement in mobility and joint pain, as well as positive changes in depression, anxiety, fatigue and tension when participating in a dance program once a week. Our Loosen Up dance program is a 10-week dance class run via ZOOM and broken into Beginners and Intermediates.

Warm Water Classes

Exercising in warm water is one of the most comfortable and effective ways that a person with arthritis can exercise. Unlike standard water-aerobics, our Warm Water program has been developed specifically for people affected by arthritis.

Best of Both Worlds

Our Best of Both Worlds Program combines the benefits from warm water exercise and land-based strengthening. We have partnered with HealthStin to facilitate this program and classes are run at their facilities in Bexley North. The program is divided so that at 9am Tuesday you will do pool based exercises and at 9am Thursday you will do face-to-face land based exercise classes.