Hip Exercises

One of the primary contributions to the development of arthritis is prolonged overuse or imperfect loading of a weight bearing joint. As one of the primary load bearing joints in the human body, the hip joint is particularly susceptible to the consequences of imperfect loading behaviours. This can, in some instances, cause not just pain in the arthritic joint itself, but also cause referred pain to areas like the knees or lower back. Hips that are affected by arthritis can also change a person’s gait, making it painful to walk and causing increased pressure on other joints associated with walking. The exercises found on this exercise sheet are designed to help strengthen some of the important muscles associated with the hip joint, leading to increased pelvic stability, postural correction and improved efficiencies when walking.

For a printable PDF of Hip Exercises, click here. 

Please note: Consult with your doctor or healthcare professional before commencing any new types of exercise. This information does not replace individual medical advice.

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