Members’ Stories

Our members are the foundation of Arthritis NSW and each has their own story to tell. They differ in age, gender, location and personal history, but they all joined the organisation to gain greater understanding of their condition and how to manage it to improve their lives.

Arthritis NSW has been checking in with some of our members during COVID-19. We are sharing the amazing can-do attitudes of some of our wonderful members.

Dianne, 75

Dianne had her Wii machine to thank for much of her activity during lock down and gets support from wearing high waisted jeans. At age 75, with arthritis in her neck thanks to a neck injury in 1983, she also lives with the condition in her hip and lumber.

‘I don’t take medication anymore, my GP, who is also a naturopath and has studied Chinese medicine, eased me off it,’ Dianne said. ‘He told me to resume yoga and aqua aerobics and attend warm water classes with ANSW at the War Memorial Hospital, which I did.

‘I play tennis on my Wii machine and use it for yoga and balance exercises. I also attend a Saturday yoga class at Epping RSL. And I’ve found that if I wear high waisted jeans, it acts like a corset and supports my hips and lower back.’

Dianne lives in a retirement village in a studio apartment in Elizabeth Bay and is a retired businesswoman in the automotive industry. ‘I didn’t mind being alone in lockdown. I’m ok to just be with myself. It’s mindfulness.

‘I do miss going to the cinema, catching the train to Circular Quay and having a coffee and croissant with Nutella at the Lindt café. A new lady moved in to the place at the end of my hallway and we had coffee and chatted socially distantly. I regularly walk around the block three or four times a week and stop at a local café for a takeaway salad sandwich. It’s the regular things we do that hit the pleasure spot in the brain.
‘Luckily I have lovely neighbours and that made all the difference in these difficult times. We used to have regular get-togethers in the lounge on Friday nights and the complex has its own cinema, so we’ve all gotten to know each other over the years.’

And for her amusement? ‘I love Who Do You think You Are? It’s a gardening show on 2GB Saturday and Sunday mornings.’

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