Online Motion & Flow Dance Program



Arthritis NSW and Sydney Dance Company have joined forces to produce a 10-week dance program designed as an introduction to movement to music class accessible to all those with arthritis. Open to everyone who wants to dance but feels their current mobility restriction may prevent them from attending a face-to-face class.

Arthritis and Dance

Several studies have found people suffering from arthritis had improvement in mobility and joint pain, as well as positive changes in depression, anxiety, fatigue and tension when participating in a dance program once a week.

Benefits of Dance
  • Dance class is a fun and creative way to maintain a form of regular exercise: improving cardiovascular fitness, balance, coordination and strength
  • The contemporary dance style has been specifically chosen because it will engage your imagination and sense of play, which may support healthy cognitive function and
  • The program will be accessible to all people with arthritis despite age or severity of arthritis as the contemporary dance style will allow you to move within your individual capacity
Our Online Motion & Flow Dance Program
  • 10-week online program delivered via Zoom with technical support provided.
  • Recording of each class sent out to each participant
  • A structured class with an undertone of creative expression and combinations which may be repeated across multiple weeks to assist learning and allow progression. Various movement adaptations will be offered to the meet participants specific needs, for example whilst seated.
  • Class will begin with a simple warm up which will progress to learning basic movements and combinations. The classes will progress throughout the term building on learnings of each class.
  • The class will be led by Juliette Barton Sydney Dance Company’s current Training Associate and former Company dancer.
Our Partner

Sydney Dance Company is Australia’s leading contemporary dance company, training ground for aspiring dancers and provider of online and in-studio dance classes.

Times & Days
  • 10.30am Tuesdays
Class Recording

We would love to see you live in class where you have the option to interact with our experienced teacher, Juliette Barton. Juliette is able to answer questions and talk about any issues that come up for you as you find your way moving to music with arthritis.

Of course not everyone is available to join on a Tuesday morning so we are pleased to offer our registrants the class recording. This is an opportunity to do class again (and again!) at your own pace at a time that suits you.


$10 per class

  • $100 will be taken upon registration and charged to your credit card
  • If you start part way through the term, the previous weeks recordings will be sent to you
What participants have said
  • “It is a wonderful class so good for all my stiff joints, even though it is not always easy for me. Today’s class was excellent as Juliette broke it down into smaller sections first. Love all the exercises before and after.”
  • “Thank you Juliette for making me feel ten years younger! When I awoke this morning, my back didn’t ache as it has done every morning for the past five years!”
  • “Just a quick note to say how much I have enjoyed zoom class with Juliette this term. I’ve advanced from seated exercises to balancing on a chair either side (with one behind to sit if I need it!!) Also having the weekly prompt class for revision is wonderful as I have some cognitive issues & need to follow Juliette’s example every time I exercise.”
  • “I’m really enjoying the class and have noticed an improvement in my arthritis after both classes.”
  • “Just want to thank you for recording the sessions so I can do them at a later date if I am otherwise busy when classes are scheduled (grandparenting at last minute)! I am so enjoying the classes and my body and mind feel energised afterwards!”
Sneak Peek

Here is a short video of what you will experience in one of our classes.

Term Dates
  • Term 4: Tuesday 10 Oct – Tuesday 12 Dec
Registrations are now open for Term 4 (beginning 10 October 2023)

To register, please:

  1. Click on the box below
  2. Complete the:
    1. online registration form including your credit card details
    2. medical/health screening questions and provide detail on your personal circumstances
      *Note* if you respond YES to one of these questions, ANSW will be in contact to advise whether a medical clearance needs to be completed by your G.P.
    3. review and consent to the Arthritis NSW Participant Policy for important payment and refund information
  3. You will be sent a confirmation email upon successful payment and inclusion in the program.