Regular Giving

By becoming a Regular Giver through a monthly, tax-deductible gift, you’ll help us to confidently plan activities to support more people living with arthritis. You’ll receive regular communication sharing the impact of your support.

When becoming a Regular Giver, you can now choose where and how your funds are used:

  • Delivery of ANSW health services
  • Children’s Camps and services
  • Research and development of new health programs
  • Where ever the funds are most needed

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Ways our services help our community

“I am finding the warm water exercises absolutely marvelous. Jess (our physio instructor at Lane Cove Physio) is a very lovely person, with great expertise, and for the first time in some 25 years or so I am able to manage so many tasks that I hadn’t bee able to do comfortably, due to the constant and debilitating pain of osteoarthritis. I plan to continue with the classes for as long as I possibly can. Many thanks for these wonderful programs. I now have much more confidence that I will continue to be independent, remaining active and in my beloved home for many decades to come.” Christine, participant in the Arthritis NSW Warm Water Exercise class at Lane Cove.

“I’ve enjoyed a long association with Arthritis NSW. I’ve been a camper at Camp Footloose for seven years, and before that I attended Camp Twinkletoes. I also attended Camp Twinkletoes as a leader this year. I’m very happy to help Arthritis NSW raise awareness of juvenile arthritis, as I want to help other kids like me.” Tim Minny, 16, suffers from juvenile idiopathic arthritis.

“Thank you for starting the Strength & Balance exercise classes for arthritis at Epping. We have only had four classes and these have been absolutely wonderful. Bernard is such a good instructor, so helpful and really a delightful person to work with. I for one will enjoy coming to these classes in the future, and hope they will continue for a long time. I have already felt better. Thank you.” Sheila Dewhurst, participant in our inaugural Strength and Balance exercise class.