Arthritis Pain Packs


Arthritis NSW are developing a free (to the consumer) non-pharmacological Pain Pack that will be made available to selected groups of the 1 in 7 Australian’s in NSW who have arthritis. The Pain Pack is a mailing box that contains best of breed products and services for combatting pain, along with engaging health information and discounts for relevant products and services.

The Opportunity

Arthritis NSW have successfully secured initial grant funding to test the Pain Pack in market with an initial commitment of 250 Pain Packs as of 1 August 2023. We anticipate providing thousands of Pain Packs to the following groups:

  • 50-year-old who has been recently diagnosed with arthritis
  • Hard working retiree with Osteoarthritis
  • 70-year-old whose condition has progressed/declined
  • Health-conscious person seeking alternatives to drugs
  • People who are unable to take pain killers

The Benefits for your Company

  • Put your product/service into the hands of your future customers
  • Create brand loyalty
  • Product/new market testing
  • Connecting with consumers seeking non-pharmacological pain solutions / additional tools to enhance their pain management

How you can be Involved:

We are seeking one supplier per category which creates a streamlined offering and an attractive commercial opportunity for those companies involved. Once we have identified those companies that are interested, we can then provide you with the commercials/pricing for inclusion. As an indication the broad opportunity for you will be as follows:

  • Physical insertion of product into the mail pack
  • Loose flyer in the pack
  • Advert in the supplier brochure
  • Sponsorship of the health advice brochure
  • Sponsorship of the box
  • Advertising on the Arthritis NSW website
  • Advertising/advertorial in Arthritis Matters magazine
  • Advertising in Arthritis NSW newsletters
  • Sponsorship of Arthritis NSW events

Expressions of Interest

  • We are inviting ‘Expressions of Interest’ from you that you are willing to explore being a valued partner of the Arthritis NSW Pain Pack.
  • Feedback on how we can best make the Pain Pack align with your commercial objectives.
  • Any evidence of the efficacy of your products/services (e.g., TGA approval).

For further information please contact Nicholas Cadey at and we can identify the scale of the opportunity for you and put a commercial agreement in place.