Exercise Classes

Exercising with arthritis

Staying physically active is important for everyone, whether or not you have arthritis. The benefits range from helping you to maintain a healthy weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol level, through to feeling more energetic and positive about life.

  • For people affected by arthritis, exercise is beneficial in pain-management, prompting your body to produce more of the natural feel-good hormones that help to dampen pain.
  • Regular exercise and stretching relieves joint stiffness, helping to maintain the joint’s optimal range of motion.
  • The strength and flexibility of muscles around your joints are improved with exercise, relieving some of the pressure on the joint itself and easing pain and inflammation.
  • Staying active boosts the production of the fluid inside your joints which keeps them lubricated, acting as a buffer against injury.
  • As well as keeping bones and muscles strong, exercise helps to improve your balance and prevent injury-inducing falls.

Our Exercise Classes

Our health services team develops and delivers exercise programs tailored to the needs of people living with arthritis.