Consumer Advisory Group (CAG)

Arthritis NSW (ANSW) is a consumer representative organisation that values deep and ongoing engagement with the people that we serve.

Throughout our 50+ years’ experience supporting people living with all forms of arthritis, consumer experiences have been a central consideration in the identification, development and refinement of all the services and supports that we offer. This has primarily taken the form of routine post event surveys and or biannual stakeholder surveys.

What is our CAG?

In 2022, Arthritis NSW took consumer co-design to the next level with the development and piloting of the Consumer Advisory Group.  This new channel gives Arthritis NSW a powerful way to

  • Monitor for emerging challenges and needs.
  • Test novel/new services through a consumer lens at the point of conception/development to ensure it addresses an unmet need and/or is fit for purpose.
  • Refine existing services via feedback and discussion of a quality improvement nature.
  • Leverage the diversity of perspectives within the representative group (e.g. individuals are chosen to represent several different factors – e.g., arthritic condition, age, gender, ethnicity, geographical residence) to ensure equity and unique considerations are address to the best degree possible

Engagement with this advisory group is voluntary and Arthritis NSW has devised a adaptive/flexible approach to meeting frequency (in recognition of the increasing businesses of people’s lives).

Why this might be a great opportunity for you?
  • You live with arthritis and have a desire to lend your voice to helping Arthritis NSW develop and improve services designed to help you and others better manage their condition
  • Enjoy the act of discussion, collaboration and problem solving with like-minded individuals with the intention of helping to create better outcomes for all people with arthritis.
  • Do you have a unique perspective (e.g., live in a remote setting) or have valuable skills (e.g., a health background and/or commercial background that may help you see new ways to leverage ANSW services, supports or opportunities) that you can bring to the discussions.
What are you expected to do?
  • Where possible the Consumer Advisory Group (CAG) meet 4 times a year (Once per quarter) – via a online meeting (e.g. ZOOM).
  • For those unable to meet at the designated meeting time; there are also options for feedback and consultation via Email or private online meetings/ phone calls (a minimum of 2 meetings must be attended)
  • Minimum period of representation: 1 year Maximum period of representation: 2 years (thereafter that member will be asked to step off to allow a new member to join the group)
  • Rotations of membership will occur in the December (those stepping off) /January (those incoming) period of each calendar year

If this is something you think would be an exciting opportunity for you, please provide a little bit more information about you and an Arthritis NSW staff member will contact you to explore your suitability. 

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