Exercise Program Participant Policy


Exercise programs are provided by Arthritis NSW (ANSW) to assist people in the self-management of arthritis and associated conditions.

These programs are usually a safe way for most people with arthritis to exercise. However, any form of exercise can carry risks for some people, especially those with particular medical conditions.

If you have any questions about this policy, please contact the Health Services Team: Phone 02 9857 3300, or Email gentleexercise@arthritisnsw.org.au

  1. It is a condition of enrolment that participants abide by all relevant ANSW policies and processes
  2. Participants must inform ANSW of any changes to the information supplied as part of the registration process, including contact, medical and credit card details.
  3. Participants confirm that submission of their registration form indicates agreement with this policy.
  4. Enrolment will be on a term basis, paid in advance until participant advises their withdrawal.
  5. Participants must complete the medical screening questions on registration in order to attend classes. Commencement of class is dependant upon review of medical screening and subsequent time required for potential GP review. (Allow 5 working days)
  6. A medical clearance from your GP is required in the following circumstances:
    • after major illness/ injury
    • complex medical/health circumstances
    • after surgery
  7. ANSW reserves the right to decline or cancel enrolment based on medical and safety concerns, inappropriate behaviour, or if a participant does not comply with other requirements.
  8. Participation numbers are closely coordinated with our providers (eg CoVid social distancing requirements and/or the capacity of the pool and amenities). It is at the participants’ discretion to decide their level of comfort in participating in the program before registering.
  1. Class fees will be deducted from the nominated credit card on a term basis.
  2. Payment is made on the 15th of the month prior to the commencement of class. .
  3. Participants must inform ANSW of any changes to credit card details. If payments are not successfully processed, enrolment may be terminated.
  4. If a participant wishes to enrol mid-term, payment is made at the time of registration. Mid-term enrolments will be charged a pro-rata amount for the remaining term fees at the time of enrolment.
  5. For classes run by a Medicare-approved provider a receipt for making a private health insurance claim may be provided.
  6. Classes will not run on public holidays and participants’ term payments will be adjusted accordingly.

ANSW will refund fees on the following grounds only.

  1. A participant experiences an unanticipated illness/injury (i.e.) requiring medical intervention. Refunds are not given for pre-planned surgeries. All refunds in this category are subject to a $30 administration fee.
  2. Venue/instructor class cancellation

NB: Refunds will not be issued for classes missed however the Exercise Program Administrator has the discretion to refund upon medical grounds. A $30 Administration Fee will be deducted from any refunds given. Participants are encouraged to make their enrolment decisions carefully.

Cancellation of classes/ enrolment
  1. Occasionally classes may need to be cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances decided upon by the instructor or venue. Participants will be refunded for cancelled classes at the end of term.
  2. If a participant chooses to cancel their enrolment, they must give notice by the 1st of the month term payment is due.
Health and safety
  1. There are risks associated with exercise and ANSW expects responsibility will be taken by participants to protect their own health and safety, and that of other participants and the staff at all times.
  2. All participants must disclose any conditions (medical or otherwise) to ANSW at the time of enrolment as part of the medical screening questions on the registration form.
  3. If a participant is unwell on the day of their class, they should not attend.
  4. If a participant begins to feel unwell during class, they must alert the instructor immediately.
  5. Participants should ensure they are adequately hydrated prior to, during, and after class to prevent dehydration. To promote this participants are encouraged to bring their own personal water bottle to each class.
  6. Participants must ensure they are wearing suitable attire for exercising. This includes; appropriate enclosed footwear, and appropriate comfortable clothing. ANSW encourages the use of a personal towel and necessary deodorant for hygienic reasons.
  7. Participants are advised to keep any medicines required during class with the instructor. If a participant has an action plan in case of emergency for any condition, it is their responsibility to advise the instructor and take this plan to the class e.g. for those with diabetes, asthma, angina etc
  1. Enrolled participants of the exercise program(s) will be covered by insurance for the duration of their class, however, not outside of the scheduled class time.
  1. ANSW has a responsibility to protect participants’ personal and medical information.
    Provided participant information will be stored in a confidential database only accessible by Health Services Team, Health Services Manager, and CEO of ANSW.
  2. Medical screening responses and contact details will be provided to instructors prior to commencement of the term for the purpose of ensuring the health and safety of participants during classes.
  3. Instructors are expected to abide by the ANSW Privacy Policy.
  • Instructor: an individual contracted by ANSW to teach an exercise class
  • Participant: an individual enrolled in an exercise class run by ANSW
  • Exercise program: exercise classes conducted by a trained health or fitness professional, namely a physiotherapist, exercise physiologist or a fitness leader with a
    Certificate III or Certificate IV in Fitness