Camp Twinkletoes

For a family with a newly diagnosed child, the future is uncertain. Camp Twinkletoes supports families to adapt to this uncertainty and build the mental strength to care for their children in the most positive way possible.

About Camp Twinkletoes

Camp Twinkletoes is an annual event designed to help families caring for young children under the age of 8 years with juvenile arthritis.

This full-day event offers parents an opportunity to learn more about their child’s condition, gain effective management solutions (e.g. condition education), and participate in formal discussion groups to share experiences with others. While the little ones are supervised in structured play and similar age-appropriate learning opportunities.




Can you help support next year’s Camp Twinkletoes?

Juvenile arthritis now affects one in every 1,000 Australian children but only 30 young people were able to attend this year’s Camp Footloose. We would love to accommodate more campers each year, as well as offer camps in rural areas. Funding is the highest barrier, but you can help by donating here.

Photos from Camp Twinkletoes Metro, April 2019