Corporate Partnerships

When your business partners with Arthritis NSW you will be helping the one in three people in NSW suffering with arthritis, osteoporosis and related musculoskeletal conditions.

Arthritis NSW’s corporate partners share our values and want to communicate with the same audiences as us. By working with businesses where synergies exist, we know that we can achieve more for the organisations we partner with and by extensions, do more for people living with arthritis.

Our goal is to expand both our community reach and health services and support offering in 2021 and beyond. We can only do this with the help of corporate supporters who share in our vision – Freedom from Arthritis.

The impact of your partnership

Our audience

Arthritis does not discriminate. People of any age and background can get arthritis, including children and young people. In NSW alone, there are 3000 children currently being treated for juvenile arthritis. And among the adults living with arthritis, two-thirds are of working age.

Recent NSW health statistics indicate that one-in-four people are now affected by arthritis and related conditions. There are approximately 3.85 million Australians affected by arthritis, a figure that is projected to grow to 7 million by 2050.

In short, our audience is large, and not confined to any particular demographic profile.

The impact of arthritis

Arthritis is the single most significant cause of chronic pain and disability in Australia. It is responsible for a known 25% of workplace absenteeism, and is also the second most common cause of retirement due to ill-health.

In economic terms, the cost to the economy is more than $23.9 billion each year in medical care and indirect costs such as loss of earnings and lost productivity.

For those living with arthritis, chronic pain can have a profound negative impact on their quality of life – both physically and psychologically. Every day living tasks can become difficult, if not impossible, to the point of lowering their ability to live independently. Reduced involvement is enjoyable physical activities can have flow-on health impacts such as obesity and diabetes.

By partnering with Arthritis NSW to extend the reach of our health education programs and services, your business will be making a significant difference to the quality of life and productivity of many Australians. 

How to become a Corporate Partner

In the same way that Arthritis NSW works with people individually to work out the mix of information and services that will be appropriate for their situation, we take the time to understand what a business is trying to achieve through partnership. Arthritis NSW can offer tailored solutions to engage your staff and customers. Our corporate partnerships can involve a combination of the following forms of support.


As we continue to research and develop new health services to empower and support people with arthritis, we seek corporate sponsorship to ensure consumer accessibility to our programs. Sponsors have the scope to select the program they wish to fund, and the extent of that funding. We work with sponsors to develop packages tailored to their marketing and corporate social responsibility objectives. If you are interested in speaking to us about a sponsorship or partnership, please contact the Business Development Manager on 02 9857 3300 or email


We gratefully accepts all donations towards our programs – from individuals and organisations. Donations can be made as a one-off gift, or as a regular monthly gift.  If your organisation is considering making a major gift, please contact our Business Development Manager on 02 9857 3300 or email

Pro-bono services and in-kind donations

The product or service that you are in the business of supplying may be able to support people – young and old – living with arthritis. Some of our most meaningful partnerships are businesses who provide professional services, products and support for our programs.

Advertising in our publications

We offer a variety of print and digital advertising opportunities to promote your products and services to our Members and audiences, such as our popular magazine Arthritis Matters, our eNewsletter and our website. For more information on advertising options, download our Media Kit

Staff engagement and workplace giving

It is well established that employees who are given opportunities to donate or volunteer through their workplace are more engaged. Arthritis has the capacity to make this a compelling opportunity for our committed business partners.

  • Workplace Giving allows employees to donate to Arthritis NSW regularly through their employer’s payroll system. The basic premise and appeal of Workplace Giving, as a method of supporting charitable organisations, is that the donations are made from the employee’s pre-tax salary.
  • Our program also encourages employees to engage with us through initiatives such as volunteering and fundraising events.
  • Setting-up Workplace Giving is an easy, low cost and administratively simple way for your company to demonstrate its commitment to supporting those affected by arthritis and osteoporosis. For information on how to set up Workplace Giving in your organisation, please contact our fundraising team on 02 9857 3300 or email
  • Matched Giving means employers match their staff’s contributions. Every dollar donated comes from pre-tax income, so it’s a win-win. Effectively, employees’ contributions are doubled! And it’s a great incentive for participation.
  • Arthritis NSW is happy to work with any companies to implement workplace giving and support. We can provide a presentation to staff regarding the benefits and what their donations will mean to those affected by arthritis.