Busting the Myths of Arthritis

This World Arthritis Day, Arthritis NSW is busting the many myths about arthritis.

We receive a lot of feedback that friends, family and the wider community don’t understand arthritis as a chronic condition and its impact on people’s lives. We have busted a myth each day on the lead up to World Arthritis Day, 12 October, and shared a personal story from our arthritis community that helps dispel the myth.

The myths include…

MYTH 1:  There is only one type of arthritis – there is in fact more than 100 types!

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MYTH 2: Only old people get arthritis – it affects people of all ages – including kids! In fact it’s very common – 1 in 6 adults, 1 in 1000 kids.
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MYTH 3: Pain equals damage – actually in many cases pain equals pain. You can experience pain that is not related to injury or worsening of your condition.
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MYTH 4:  If it’s not visible it can’t be that bad – arthritic conditions have a big impact on people’s lives causing pain, fatigue and often an inability to work.
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MYTH 5: There’s nothing you can do to improve your arthritis  – there’s a lot you can do! Such as exercise, weight management, diet, pain management and using a health professional team.
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