Hand Exercises

Our hands are a key structure of our body that facilitate our actions in everyday living. From grabbing, to lifting, holding, and writing, our hands arguably play one of the most important roles in our everyday life and function. However, the hands is also one of the sites that is most commonly affected by arthritis.

It is a structure made up of numerous small bones and joints which is susceptible to the symptoms of arthritis such as joint inflammation and stiffness. However, performing hand exercises can help reduce the stiffness of the joint, can improve muscle strength and joint range of motion. Exercises can be performed almost anywhere and even just a little conscious movement can have a major effect in the long term.

Important Points:


Ensure that when performing the exercises that your hand and wrist is supported by placing it on a stable surface such as a table top. This is ensure there is less strain on the joints and that it is supported in proper alignment.


If you have arthritis in the hand, you must find the right balance between exercise and rest. Rest is often needed to settle inflamed joints, but too much rest can lead to weakened muscles and increased stiffness overtime.

Slow controlled pace

Perform the exercises SLOWLY, bending and stretching as far as possible within pain limits. Relax your hand after every set.

Below is a video link to some hand exercises you can try at home to assist you with the management of arthritis in your hands or also as a preventative measure that will strengthen the hands before arthritis occurs.

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